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It takes practice, practice, practice. Consider this, anyone can pick up an instrument and make noise, but it takes discipline,  commitment and hard work to make music.  Because we understand not every leader and organization is at the same stage of their DEI learning and development, we work with you to find the best point of entry.  We bring a collaborative, moving approach to help you gain knowledge and develop skills to reach your INCLUSION in ACTION goals. 

inclusive leadership


Understanding Personal Culture + Otherness

We all have biases shaped by our cultural experiences from a very early age. All of us. Understanding personal culture and bias helps move individuals from judgment to curiosity about cultures different from their own.  Taking time to understand self and other is essential to creating an inclusive work environment. 

Intersectionality + Strengths

There is no such thing as singular identity.  Our identities have multiple intersections of dimensions such as ethnicity, gender, religion, politics, and so on.  Similarly we each have multiple strengths.  Understanding how to leverage the intersectionality and strengths of your diverse team will position you for success in meeting the needs of the changing demographics of consumers and clients.

Standing in the Future


Being Future Fluent

Our talent, tools and technologies are changing more rapidly than ever before.  Keeping pace with the assets that will sustain our businesses into the future has become an imperative.  Good leaders must have informed future focused strategies.  Standing in the future helps position you to better understand what is needed to compete in the areas of  talent, innovation, the economy and the global environment. 

trust and transparency


Isolation, Bullying + Harassment

Everyone deserves to feel safe at work.  Yet sometimes even the most well-intended actions can jeopardize one's sense of safety.  While it is proven diverse teams can achieve better business results,  working together in a way that everyone feels included, respected and valued is easier said than done.  Creating a supportive environment of trust and transparency ensures positive employee engagement and productivity. 

Say it Here

Tension can be healthy, but not when it results in debilitating conflict.  We do not expect our employees to leave their thoughts and feelings at the door, but polarized values among team members can be tough. The ability to have bold conversations around topics such as race, politics or religion has become increasingly important to our ability to work together.  Facilitating those conversations is not easy, but developing the skills to do so with trust and transparency can create shared commitments necessary for collaboration across difference.