Heidi Batz Rogers | Founder + Creative collaborator

My Story

In my ninth grade civics class, I was given an assignment to identify three careers I might eventually like to pursue.  For me, it was a no-brainer.  I wanted to be a journalist to tell people's stories, an interpreter to help people communicate with one another, and an artist to make life interesting.  INclusion in ACTION is an exhilarating intersection of all three. 

With an arts education and 20 + years experience working with global, corporate, non-profit and small business executives and teams, I strive to bring people together in engaging ways that transform the way they work together. With a tapestry of disparate life experiences,  I see every glass as (more than) half full, approach every challenge as an opportunity, and live by the personal mission: Be creative. Make change.  Do it together.  I value teamwork, fun + adventure and get great satisfaction out of  bringing disparate ideas and elements together to make something that moves others. I am a daughter, sister, auntie, bestie, mentor, friend.  I am most grateful to be mother to three living sons Willis, Birch and Adé who help me see the world differently every day and partner against all odds to my husband Earl.